Many of my colleagues and clients have described me as down to earth, calm and friendly. I have a practical approach to counselling that focuses on helping you to overcome your current challenges. Often the problems in our life mask our strengths and abilities. Sometimes we need help with new approaches and ideas. I can help you to look at your problem from a new perspective and find strategies or tools to move forward. My clients often find that as we explore the issues together, they can gain helpful insight and rediscover their strengths.

My approach often depends a great deal on you and what you would hope to gain out of counselling. Together we will focus on your goals and the areas in your life you need to work on. Through counselling, you will begin to understand who you are and how to create balance and happiness.

Your comfort and sense of safety is extremely important to me. I approach people with empathy and acceptance, and I listen closely to learn who you are. I strongly believe that one of the most important factors in therapy is the quality of the relationship between the client and therapist. My goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and connected within the therapeutic setting. I offer in-person counselling as well as phone or Skype.

Counselling Can Help You:

  • improve your relationships
  • learn to communicate with others
  • develop ways to handle stress
  • gain relief from feelings of depression & anxiety



  • enhance your self-esteem
  • increase awareness of the mind-body connection
  • improve decision making and productivity
  • have a more positive outlook toward life



  • develop deeper self-awareness
  • explore sadness, loss and worry
  • have a greater sense of enjoyment, satisfaction, and direction in life